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Carbon Dioxide Pub Gas Supplier in Ayrshire

Why Choose Albion as your co2 Gas Suppliers?

Albion Gases are regarded as one of the leading carbon dioxide (co2) suppliers in Ayrshire and Scotland as a whole. Our reputation for reliability, affordability and quality, has been built up over the three decades of experience we have behind us.

This has ensured that our clients amongst the Ayrshire hospitality sector, such as pubs, restaurants, clubs and various entertainment venues have continued to provide their own customers with first-class drinks.

At Albion Gases, we take pride in supplying high quality co2 and liquid CO2 cylinders. These can be included in a range of comprehensive gas packages for individual customers to ensure their cellar gas supplies are constantly topped up when needed.

Carbon Dioxide canisters available in three sizes

Our carbon dioxide gas is used by Ayrshire bars and restaurants for serving soft drinks, lagers and cask ales. This is high quality and renewable gas, referred to in the trade as ‘food grade.’ The size of the cylinders we provide starts at 6.35kg. This is often referred to as the standard ‘pub gas size bottle’ and can produce up to 151 gallons of juice or beer, a staple in most licensed venues cellars. The next biggest size is 12.7kg, which is enough for a restaurant, up to 34kg. This is the largest size our beer gas company provides and it tends to be used by larger users.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that the co2 valve on all our beer gas delivery canisters is a male fitting. This excludes the gas from fitting to a mixed gas regulator.

Looking for quality cellar gas suppliers in Ayrshire?

We have been supplying first class carbon dioxide gas to pubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues in Ayrshire – and throughout Scotland – for a combined 30 years now. Our dedicated beer gas delivery team, working five days a week, ensures that you will always have enough beer gas to keep your customers happy. You can sign up for a scheduled delivery or simply order when you need carbon dioxide or other cellar gases.

If you are unsure about your requirements then our team are happy to chat through our products with you. You can ring us on 01389 504405 or drop us a line via our Contact Us page. If your order is urgent or particularly complicated then ring us first so we can ensure your needs are met.