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Beverage Mix Gas Suppliers in Ayrshire

Why Choose Albion for your Mixed Gas?

Operate a licensed venue in Ayrshire and looking for quality mixed and beer gas suppliers? At Albion Gases we have built up an enviable reputation as reliable and affordable beer gas suppliers for Ayrshire’s licensed venues. Pubs, clubs, Restaurants and social clubs, to name a few, are just some of the outlets we supply in the region – and Scotland as a whole – have been serving their customers with alcoholic beverages using our mixed gases and co2 cylinders for more than 30 years now.

Being of such high quality, all of our co2 mixed gases and oxygen-free nitrogen are of ‘food grade’ quality. These vary from 30/70 and 60/40 mixes, although you can also order 100% co2 from us as well.

Mixed gas sizes available from Albion Gas Suppliers

Our mixed gases are a blend of the highest quality foodgrade (and renewable) co2 and oxygen-free nitrogen and can be supplied in a 30/70 or 60/40 mixes while we also offer 100% foodgrade co2 cylinders too. All are used for producing perfect pints of lager, beer and cider on tap. As a BFBi Accredited Gas Supplier, we’ve been audited independently so you know our gas is of the highest quality.

 30/70 gas predominantly consists of nitrogen and is used for pouring beer and stout. It’s used for a product with a green pipe in the cellar. 

60/40 gas consists of mostly co2 and is used to pour the gassier lagers and ciders. This gas has a white pipe in the cellar.

Note that a mixed gas valve is a female fitting.

Albion Gases supply quality food grade mixed gases in in four different sizes – 10L, 20L, 30L and 50L cylinders. We also offer liquid CO2.

Looking for quality mixed beer gas suppliers in Ayrshire?

At Albion Gases we supply quality mixed beer gas and carbon dioxide gas cylinders to pubs and restaurants in Ayrshire, amongst other entertainment establishments. Our beer gas company has more than three decades of experience behind it, in which time we have built up an impressive network through not just Ayrshire but Scotland as a whole.

We provide a beer gas delivery service on a fortnightly milk-run schedule, 5 days a week and our excellent team always strives to exceed customer expectations and ensuring an uninterrupted supply, keeping the drinks flowing.

You can of course order your own gas, but is it worth the hassle?

If you have a question about which gases you should be using and in what mix, feel free to give the team here at Albion Gases a call. You can ring our beer gas company experts on 01389 504405 or write to us via the Contact Us page on our beer gas suppliers website. If your order is urgent, our emergency contact number is always available on 07884 258837.