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Cryotank Replacement and Alternatives – UK Suppliers

At Albion Gases LTD, we are a leading supplier of cellar gas equipment for many different sectors and business types across Central Scotland. We understand the challenges faced by modern day pubs, clubs, and hotels when it comes to managing costs and their gas supply efficiently.

One of the key issues that venue owners face today is the ineffectiveness Cryotanks cause to their end users, in the form of run-outs and horrific price increases. We have witnessed an influx of establishments reaching out to us, expressing their frustration with pricing and poor service levels, and looking for a better solution. 

In response to the concerns of pub and club owners and hoteliers throughout Scotland, we are proud to offer a game-changing alternative that instantly improves the way gas is stored and supplied.

  • Cryotank Removal Process
    While the tank and all equipment will belong to your current supplier, notice can be given to have the tank and all equipment removed without cost to your venue. We can remove the equipment and leave it for collection by your previous supplier.
  • Cryotank Replacement

    Once we have removed the bulk Cryotank, the important stage is then their replacement. Albion Gases LTD are proud to be the only supplier in Scotland who can then replace this by installing a suitable new piece of equipment.

  • Cryotank Alternatives

    We know that every business operates slightly differently and need a tailored solution to manage cellar gas successfully. That is why we offer different cryotank alternatives to install in their venue. All of the options available to you will be outlined and agreed upon during your site visit. All of this to make the removal and installing the replacement as smooth and seamless as possible. In many cases, installation is free and all equipment is maintained by Albion Gases.

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Why Invest In Replacing Cryotanks?

By opting for our cryotank replacement service, pubs, clubs, and hotels can say goodbye to the mess and hassle caused by large gas tanks. You will benefit from the reliable and compact cylinders and incorporating our new ‘Alb Blend’ system that take up significantly less space while delivering an uninterrupted supply of gas.

Not only does our alternative solution offer practical benefits, but it also provides peace of mind to business owners. With our industry-leading expertise, we guarantee a smooth installation process and provide ongoing support to ensure your gas supply remains uninterrupted, giving you more time to focus on what matters most – serving your customers.

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Why Choose Albion Gases?

Let us be your trusted partner in keeping your pub, club, or hotel running smoothly with our reliable, compact gas blender cylinders that outshine the outdated, cumbersome cryotanks. With this service, amongst others, we can help you evolve with the changing landscape of the hospitality industry and have years of experience doing so for our existing customers.

We are proudly BFBi (Beverage, Food, Brewing Industry) Accredited, meaning we have been audited and officially confirmed to meet the highest standard a food grade gas supplier can meet. The glowing reviews we receive are also testament to this service quality.