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Carbon Dioxide Beverage Gas Supplier in Edinburgh

Why Albion is a top co2 gas supplier

At Albion Gases, we have been providing quality cellar gas delivery to areas such as Scotland’s capital Edinburgh for more than three decades now. We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality, reliability and affordability. 

Edinburgh clubs, pubs, restaurants and entertainment venues have been using our co2 and mixed gases to supply their customers with the perfect pint or carbonated drink for more than 3 decades. 

Our co2 cylinders are available as individual purchases or can be ordered. Your tailored gas delivery is supplied fortnightly and means you don’t have to keep ordering throughout the year – at Albion Gases we do all the work for you. 

What size of co2 cylinder do you need?

Our co2 cylinders start at 6.35kg (which is a typical ‘pub gas size). The next step up is a 12.7kg cannister, mainly for restaurants, and finally a 34kg cylinder for large entertainment venues and stadiums in Edinburgh. Regardless of size, all our high-quality, food-grade gases are used for serving cask ales, lagers and soft drinks. Co2 is great for boosting texture and enhancing flavour.

All our beer gas co2 valves are male fitting. That way they can’t be fixed to a mixed gas regulator by mistake.

Need an Edinburgh quality beer gas suppliers?

We have been supplying first class carbon dioxide and liquid co2 to pubs, restaurants and other entertainment venues in Edinburgh– and throughout Scotland – for a combined 30 years now. 

Our hard-working beer gas suppliers team work five days a week, supplying more than 600 customers with carbonated gas and beer gas supplies within that time. They make sure that all Edinburgh pubs, restaurants, hotels, clubs and various entertainment venues get the beer gas delivery they need, when they need it. Most of our beer gas company customers get a scheduled delivery every fortnight. That way they can’t forget to order. Other customers order individually when the need arises.

Why not give our Albion mixed gas team a call today and chat through a possible beer gas delivery order? Ring us on 01389 504405 or write to us via our Contact Us page.