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Liquid Carbon Dioxide Cylinder Suppliers in Ayrshire & Glasgow

Why Choose Albion as Liquid co2 Gas Suppliers?

As liquid co2 gas suppliers in Central Scotland, our reputation is one of reliability and affordability, and we are proud of that.

At Albion Gases, from the point of inception of our company, we have always made every move with our supply chain well considered and respected. When it comes to offering liquid co2 cylinders, we ensure that they are filled with the highest quality foodgrade gas.  Whatever industry or context you are buying liquid co2 for in Scotland, our service is tailored to your individual needs, and we can offer liquid co2 itself in different quantities, or as part of a wider all inclusive gas cylinder package that we create from your requirements.

If you are searching from South, East, or North Ayrshire, or Glasgow in Scotland, Albion Gases are available to service these regions. For a reliable, prompt delivery service of liquid carbon dioxide gas to your location, our team can help. Simply reach out today with any queries you may have! We look forward to working with you.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide is used in the frosting of glasses and stage effects.

Liquid CO2 is supplied in the same cylinders as the pub gases. The only difference is a liquid feed from the bottom of the cylinder.

Each cylinder will have a red sticker label on the outside of the valve guard/handle denoting ‘DIP-TUBE CO2’ and will have a red cap on the valve. The cylinder itself is black with a grey shoulder and ‘Albion Gas’ along the body.

Albion Gases supply liquid Carbon Dioxide in 6.35KG Co2 cylinders.