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Patio Gas Supplier for Pubs, Bars, and Restaurants

Buy Patio Gas for Outdoor Heaters

As a trusted and reliable patio gas supplier, Albion Gases support the smooth running of hospitality businesses throughout Glasgow. The hospitality industry has been through a lot in recent years – but we want to play our part by helping you secure a steady supply of patio gas for outdoor patio heaters. We now offer a milk run delivery service every Friday for our regular patio gas customers.

The hospitality sector is at the heart of Scotland’s communities and thriving nightlife. Whether you are a small local pub or operate a national chain of restaurants or bars, we know how vital it is that you have a steady supply of patio gas to run your outdoor heaters, keeping customers warm no matter the weather. We can help reduce the burden and take one thing off your plate to help you concentrate on other important tasks in running your business. Your patio gas supply is now covered if you decide to order from us. We also supply beverage gas for pubs, clubs, and bars in Scotland, as well as restaurants and hotels. If this is also something you require in addition to patio gas, we can create a custom package based on your needs.

Who Can Buy Our Patio Gas?

We often receive inquiries seeking to buy patio gas for domestic purposes. However, our patio gas products are aimed explicitly at commercial customers in industries like hospitality. If you are the owner of a pub, bar, or restaurant, or are responsible for procurement, we can help you right away. Simply get in touch if you have any further queries.

Why Choose Albion Gases?


Our team at Albion Gases have been operating within the LPG industry for over 25 years! We have a network of connections and suppliers, sourcing gas from multiple companies. We ensure a patio gas supply for your business that is not only reliable and resilient to external factors, but also cost-effective. Every winter we sell 100s of patio gas cylinders within the hospitality trade in Glasgow every month. You have peace of mind that during winter, when propane supplies become tight, your beer garden will be toasty and warm, keeping customers content throughout the colder months.


As patio gas suppliers, when the cold weather hits, it’s crucial you keep customers inside your beer garden with a reliable supply of patio gas for your outdoor heaters. We work tirelessly to ensure that you receive your patio gas on time and when required. For support, we are available to call on 01389 504405 or email at if you have any questions for us throughout the ordering and delivery process.


Whatever venue you operate, our patio gas is available across Glasgow and can be delivered onsite in as little as 24-hours… Albion Gases have experience supplying patio gas and other vital gas cylinders and products to businesses throughout Glasgow.


Ready to place an order for patio gas for your hospitality business? We will have your outdoor patio gas heaters running in no time.

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