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Terms & Conditions of Delivery


Albion Gases Ltd fill and supply dispense gas cylinders. By using Albion Gases you have entered into an Agreement which allows you, the customer, to use the cylinders supplied (sizes and quantities may be varied) in order to obtain supplies of dispense gas, helium, nitrogen or oxygen.


All dispense gas cylinders remain the property of Albion Gases Ltd at all times and are supplied on a free loan basis. Helium cylinders require a deposit paid in advance, Foodgrade Oxygen, Foodgrade Nitrogen, 47L Mixed Gas & 34KG CO2 Cylinders will be subject to a monthly rental charge. All cylinders going in and out of your cellar are recorded on the invoice/delivery note so please check for accuracy before you sign the invoice. A cylinder stock check is required on a bi-annual basis, with any lost or damaged cylinders
chargeable at replacement value. Although cylinder prices may vary, current replacement values at 01 March 2022 are £100 for Small (10ltr) and £350 for XL (50ltr). All prices are subject to vat at 20%. It is in your interests to ensure that no one, other than an employee of Albion Gases, removes the cylinders from your possession. Unless under special circumstances, which have been agreed by Albion Gases, you should not lend or transfer cylinders to other outlets. Any willful damage or breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement will allow Albion Gases to repossess the cylinders immediately. By accepting these terms and conditions you irrevocably authorise Albion Gases or its agent to enter on to your property for these purposes and in the event this Agreement is terminated. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD


This service operates on the basis that you work with a stock of dispense gas cylinders and we top-up your agreed stock level fortnightly or monthly on a full for empty basis. To ensure adequate stock levels at all times, ALL empties must be returned and replaced at the earliest opportunity. If you have missing
stock, are closed on your delivery day or choose not to replace your empty cylinders we cannot guarantee that we will be able to deliver outwith our normal delivery day and any unscheduled deliveries will incur a call-out charge. Staff will notify you of the appropriate charge before delivery. If you have ‘lent’ a cylinder to another outlet then please ensure that you get it returned. We can’t swap your empty cylinder for a full cylinder if it is not there. You never know when you might have a gas leak and that extra cylinder would be vital. Customer call-outs relating to cylinder gas leaks will be dealt with on a free of charge basis. Customer call-outs requiring an unscheduled delivery due to leaks within the dispense gas system may be chargeable at our Unscheduled Delivery rate. Requests for additional cylinders, helium cylinders etc must be made 48hrs before your normal delivery date.


Balloon gases can be supplied to our customers. Please contact Customer Services for further details.
Please note that all Helium cylinders require a deposit to be paid.


Payment is due on delivery of goods (or within 30 days of invoice date if you have a credit account agreement in place) or 14 days if on our Direct Debit system. All amounts payable shall become due immediately upon closure of your account. Albion Gases reserves the right to withhold any further supplies of gas and/or cylinders if you do not make payment as per our agreement.


All customers should give a minimum of one months notice or as per a signed separate agreement. If for any reason you decide to close your account with Albion Gases please contact us immediately and arrange for the uplift of the cylinders. All cylinders must be returned in good order. Any missing cylinders will be charged for at the rate mentioned above. Customers will provide proof of return in all cases.
Title to the Dispense Gas or Helium shall not pass to you until we have received payment in full.
All cylinders remain the sole property of Albion Gases at all times, never the end customer.


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